Who We Are


About Us

The vision of Solanco Neighborhood Ministries is to provide a support network, promote personal and spiritual growth, increase self-sufficiency, and break the cycle of poverty within our Solanco community.

We are a faith-based non-profit based in Lancaster County, PA, and founded by Solanco Pastor’s Fellowship. Solanco Neighborhood Ministries is 100% funded through generous donations from organizations, churches, local businesses, and of course, individuals.

SNM is known to many as the ‘Food Bank’. What was originally created to address food insecurities in the Southern End has grown into a ministry that seeks to engage families, meet needs and give hope. Our experience has been that while families and individuals seek help for their hunger, this is often a symptom of a more complex situation. Our desire is to see families get connected to resources that can ensure their sustainability and suspend the crisis they are currently living in. Furthermore, as we make these connections and provide some of the resources ourselves, we hope that their brief interaction with us is one that is met with grace and love.

God has allowed us a particular privilege in taking part in our neighbor’s lives when they are likely at their most vulnerable. Throughout this time, we do see immense trial and pain, but not without great courage and hope. It is our mission to make the hope of Jesus evident in the work that we do.

Our History

Our community was served well for many years by CAP (Community Action Program) as a central location to assess needs.  Unfortunately, due to financial cut backs, in 2011, they were no longer able to serve in the same way. This left our churches in the Southern End without a central hub for meeting needs.  In response to this dilemma the Solanco Pastor’s Fellowship appointed a task force to address the needs. A number of local churches committed to invest in this ministry, and Solanco Neighborhood Ministries was born.



Engaging families. 

Meeting needs. 

Giving hope.


To provide a support network, promote personal and spiritual growth, increase self-sufficiency, and break the cycle of poverty within our Solanco community.


1. We believe that we can achieve all things through Jesus Christ, and strive to exhibit His love and grace to every family regardless of current belief system.

2. We value the importance of family and the local church and the role each member plays.

3. We believe in a holistic approach that encourages spiritual, physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and financial growth.

4. We understand the importance of fostering connectedness in the community to increase family stability.

5. We expect humility, honesty, integrity, and respect from all staff, volunteers, and program participants.

6. We believe everyone has the ability to contribute to their community, regardless of past or present circumstances.

Left to Right: Titus McGrath, Tracy Fornwalt, Todd Capitao, John Hartman, Andy Pickens, Teresa Dolan

2021 S.N.M. Board of Directors

Titus McGrath, President/Chair (2019)

  • Director of Operations, Black Rock Retreat

Tracy Fornwalt (2020)

  • Co-owner, Morr Range

 Todd Capitao (2019)

  • Director of Financial Empowerment, Ann B. Barshinger                                        Financial Empowerment Center, Tenfold

John Hartman, Secretary (2020)

  • Lead Pastor, Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church

Andy Pickens, Vice President/Vice Chair, Treasurer (2018)

  • Associate Pastor, Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church

 Teresa Dolan (2013) – Ex officio

  • Executive Director, Solanco Neighborhood Ministries