Known as SWEEP (Student WeekEnd Eating Program).  Students in grades K-6 (who qualify) receive a bag of food to take home over the weekend with 2 breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack items.

SWEEP is for students in grade K-6 who are eligible for the free breakfast / lunch program at the elementary and middle schools listed below.  For more information, call the Guidance Office at your child’s school.

A Summer SWEEP program is also available…ask your school counselor for more details!

  • Bart-Colerain Elementary School – 717.529.2181
  • Clermont Elementary School – 717.548.2742
  • Martic Elementary School – 717.284.4128
  • Providence Elementary School – 717.786.3582
  • Quarryville Elementary School – 717.786.2546
  • Smith Middle School – 717.786.2244
  • Swift Middle School – 717.548.2187

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